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What We Are Looking For in a Case

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Attorneys Seek Cases from Honest Clients We only accept clients who we strongly believe have a case. We want to help people who are struggling with any probate litigation issue, from undue influence and lack of capacity to creditors’ claims and contested accounting. Watch the video below to learn more about our Oakland probate litigation lawyers‘ priorities when choosing which clients to represent. Video Transcription One of the things that I look for is a client that I like and sympathize with and can identify with. Obviously, I don’t want to take a case just to make money. I want to feel that I have a chance to actually help that client and accomplish something for them. I do try to find a client that I feel good about representing.

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What a Probate Attorney Needs to Review Your Case

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer Explains What to Bring To receive the most accurate assessment of your probate conflict, watch the following video. Oakland probate litigation attorney Charles Triay suggests bringing any relevant documents, including wills and trusts, along with you during the initial consultation. Video Transcription If you have the documents and you aren’t happy … or if you can’t get the documents, then you should see an attorney. You should call me. If you have the documents and aren’t happy with them or have a question about them, definitely come see me and let me look at the documents. That’s the first thing I ask for. I want to see the will. I want to see any amendments to the will. I want to see the trust. I want to see any deeds or any other documents that are going to come into play.

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Welcome to The Triay Law Office

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyers Introduce Themselves Our Oakland probate litigation attorneys have over three decades of experience assisting with a variety of probate litigation matters. In this video, Charles Triay explains the firm’s values, experiences and areas of practice. Contact our firm to learn more. Video Transcription Hello. My name is Charles Triay. I’ve been practicing law in California for 35 years. My associate, Paul Epstein, and I specialize in probate litigation matters. That involves will contests, trust contests, accounting disputes, and all manner of other contested-inheritance battles. We practice law primarily in the San Francisco bay area, but we do handle cases all over the state of California. If you need legal representation on a contested-inheritance matter, please call me at (510) 463-3165.

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