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Why Don’t People Write Their Will or Trust Earlier?

50% of people die without a Will (or a Trust), according to published statistics. I think it is less than that. I think the 50% figure was based on a survey, and I think that the people responding to the survey did not tell the truth. I think some people said that they had a Will when they did not. I think they were embarrassed to admit that they had not done it yet. My estimate is that only about 25% of people have a Will or Trust. Why don’t people write a Will or a Trust? It is not a pleasant subject. Thinking about one’s death is depressing. Stating in writing that you are going to die, and signing it, is hard to do. And, deciding what to leave to whom is not easy. So, writing the Will is one of those chores that keeps getting pushed to the…
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Triay Law serves Oakland and the 9 Bay Area Counties

In this video blog post, our Oakland probate litigation lawyer Charles Triay introduces himself and his history in the Bay Area. Contact our office for further information by phone or by submitting our online contact form. The Triay Law Offices serves not only Oakland, but also the nine Bay Area counties: Alameda County Contra Costa County Marin County Napa County San Francisco County San Mateo County Santa Clara County Solano County Sonoma County Video Transcription Hello, my name is Charles Triay. I’ve been practicing law in California for 35 years. I went to school at UC Berkeley and I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in 1972. Although I went to law school in San Diego, I knew I wanted to return to the bay area, because living in the bay area from ’68 to ’72 I fell in love with the bay area. I came back as soon as I…
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What Side Do You Represent?

Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyers for Contestants and Respondents In this video, Oakland probate litigation attorney Charles Triay offers insight into the types of cases and clients his law office represents. If you have an inheritance dispute, a defective will or trust or breach of fiduciary duty claim, contact the attorneys at our office for legal advice and representation. Video Transcription I represent both sides in these cases both the contestant and the defendant if you will, often called the respondent in this area of law. I can’t say that I’ve ever represented somebody who exerted undue influence but I’ve represented people who’ve been falsely accused of exerting influence. Representing both sides does give you a unique perspective on what the other side is thinking and what to expect in the way of tactics and strategies from the other side. We joke around in our office, it’s uncanny we’ll handle a…
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