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Do You Teach Others About Probate Litigation?

Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer is a Board Certified in Probate and Estate Law Certified a specialist in trust, estate and probate law by the California Board of Legal Specialization, Charles Triay is a regular speaker and lecturer on such topics to other lawyers and professionals. If you have a contested inheritance case or other type of probate dispute, contact our Oakland probate litigation attorneys to learn more about our firm and the cases we litigate. Video Transcription Hello, my name is Charles Triay. I’ve been practicing law in California for 35 years. I participate in giving seminars; both to lawyers and to other professions including professional Trustees and Executors. I also speak to service groups such as Rotary Clubs, Elks, Kiwanis and clubs of that nature. I’m Charles Triay. If you’re involved in a probate litigation case and need representation please call me, (510) 463-3165.

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Can I Receive My Inheritance While Litigation is Ongoing?

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Attorney Answers A Common Question In this video, Oakland probate litigation lawyer Charles Triay addresses a frequently asked question about defective will and trust cases. If you have a probate dispute, attorney Charles Triay has over 30 years experience and is Board Certified as a specialist in estate planning, probate and trust law. Contact our probate litigators for more information about your potential legal options. Video Transcription Hi, I’m Charles Triay. People often ask me, boy this litigation is going along for a long time. Can I get part of my inheritance now? The answer is usually no, unfortunately. You can go to firms that specialize in lending against your eventual inheritance, but they charge an arm and a leg. I don’t recommend that. If you can possibly get by without doing that I suggest that you get by without doing that. As a general rule…
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