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Why is Probate Litigation Expensive?

Our Attorneys Provide Services on Contingency or Hourly Fees A number of factors go in to why probate litigation can become expensive, such as the time and expenses needed to adequately prepare a case. However, there are many probate matters that may benefit from retaining legal counsel to uphold your rights and the last wishes as outlined in your deceased loved one’s will or trust. The Triay Law Office in Oakland is available through an hourly or contingency fee basis, whichever better fits your needs. Call attorney Charles Triay today at (510) 463-3165 for more information. Video Transcription Probate litigation is expensive for two reasons. The first reason is that there’s a lot of work that’s required to prepare a case. Because it is kind of like a mosaic or a painting, where you’re assembling lots of little different bits and pieces to make the whole picture, you have to…
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