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Charles Triay is an Oakland probate litigation lawyer

Specialists in California Probate Law

Oakland Attorney Charles Triay Explains His Firm’s Services Our probate litigation lawyers focus mainly on disputed matters in the probate court: arguments on whether not a will is defective or affected by undue influence; financially abusing elders through misinformation; a professional failing to perform lawful, fiduciary duties. Call our firm to learn more about how we can help. Video Transcription The Triay Law Office, which consists of myself and my associate Paul Epstein, specialize in probate litigation matters. We don’t write wills and trusts, but we do litigate contested wills and trusts and all other manner of inheritance battles. I like this area of the law because it involves not only interesting legal questions but dramatic family stories. If you need an attorney to represent you in an inheritance battle, please call me at (510) 463-3165. Thank you.

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What Happens if an Estate is Missing Heirs?

Lawyers that Handle Complex Probate Cases Individuals who handle estates have a duty to make a diligent effort to find any missing heirs, so that these heirs receive any inheritance left to them. However, as our attorney discusses in this video, oftentimes those in charge of estates do not perform the search as thoroughly as they should. If you are involved in an estate that is missing heirs, talk to attorney Charles Triay who is a specialist in contested probate litigation in California. Video Transcription We do get involved in cases with missing heirs. There’s a couple of interesting features to those cases. First of all, the person who’s handling the estate is required to make a diligent effort to locate missing heirs. These are generally cases where there is no will or trust, and so you’re trying to find cousins or nieces and nephews. There is usually a financial…
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Can Adopted Children Inherit the Estate of Their Biological Parents?

Our Oakland Attorney Discusses One of His Notable Probate Cases Probate lawyer Charles Triay recalls in this video an interesting contested trust case in which he represented the biological son of a man who may have suffered undue influence when drafting a trust upon his death. If you need assistance amending a defective trust or will after a loved one’s passing or require effective representation in probate court, reach out to our attorneys who have over three decades of legal experience. Video Transcription One of the interesting cases with some very unique factors that I handled just a couple of years ago involved a gentleman who was a patent attorney for Chevron, and he lived over on the peninsula. He had been married once, when he was very young, to a woman from England. While she was pregnant, they had a falling out and she went back to England. She…
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