When Do I Need a California Probate Litigation Attorney?

Our California Probate Litigation Lawyer Explains the Benefits of Legal Representation

Talk to a San Francisco probate litigation attorney when you suspect or have trouble with undue influence, omitted spouse, lack of capacity & more.Often when individuals are questioning their need for a probate litigation attorney, they may be anticipating their involvement or are currently dealing with contested probate matters. Contested probate matters require the judgment or other actions from the probate court to fix and resolve disputes. Contested probate matters are sometimes referred to as probate litigation. Not every will or estate may need the support of legal counsel. However, lawsuits that occur because of estate distribution issues and other circumstances may benefit from gaining an experienced probate litigation attorney.

Since 1978, the Triay Law Office has helped clients prepare for lawsuits over estate issues. Additionally, we uphold their rights in probate court concerning a number of complex probate issues. Recognized as one of the leading probate litigators in California, Charles Triay, offers individuals dealing with probate litigation cost-effective probate litigation attorney fees and efficient legal representation.

Types of Legal Issues California Probate Litigation Attorneys Handle

Routine probate issues after the death of a loved one may not require the assistance of a probate litigator unless there are contested issues. Routine probate issues may include appointing executors or admitting a will to probate. There are also scenarios in which there is no need to pursue probate. However, our law firm commonly finds that the following probate litigation practice areas are the issues in which it is in your best interest to retain a lawyer who will aggressively work on your behalf:

Above all, a probate litigation attorney upholds your rights in legal actions as well as the final wishes of a testator. A testator is the individual who created the will. There is never a bad time to learn more about your rights. This is true regardless of where you are in the probate proceedings. Additionally, you can learn how an attorney who specializes in working with trustees, estate administrators and all other individuals in probate litigation may offer the right legal representation for you.

Triay Law Office Assists Californians Dealing with California Probate Law Matters

You may need an experienced California probate litigation attorney when having a strong advocate on your side of the courtroom. It can then make the difference between a successful lawsuit or a denial of claim. Having this representation can also speed up the legal process and prevent you from making costly errors. Our law firm solely works on probate litigation.

We have the knowledge and time to commit to serving your legal needs. To learn more about how the Triay Law Office may be able to help in your will, estate or trust issues, contact our San Francisco probate litigation attorneys today. We assist clients throughout the Bay Area, including in Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Peidmont, Alameda and more.