Do They Still Read the Will to Those Affected?

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer Busts a Common Myth

The probate process is something that many people do not quite understand. In this video, Oakland probate litigation attorney Charles Triay explains that unlike in movies or television, testamentary wills are typically mailed out to beneficiaries pursuant to state law. If you have questions about probate or believe you your loved one’s will or trust was defective, contact our office to see how we can help.

Video Transcription

First of all I want to comment about the “reading of the will.” That doesn’t happen in California or very rarely happens. That’s sort of is a creature of the past or creature from movies and television. In the old days I suppose there would be a conference in the attorney’s office and someone would read the will. I don’t know exactly why no one does that anymore but I have a theory that it can lead fisticuffs and arguments and other violence because there’s always someone who’s not going to be happy. So, that doesn’t happen.

What happens is the document is filed with the court and the copies are mailed out to people. That’s what should happen. Sometimes you have to make a stink before someone will give you a copy of the will or the trust. If you need help with a contested inheritance matter please call me, (510) 463-3165.

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