Does California Legally Recognize Videotaped Wills?

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Attorney Explains the Validity of Videotaped Wills

As Oakland probate litigation lawyer Charles Triay discusses in the following video, the state of California does not uphold wills that are solely videotaped. However, if a videotaped will correlates with what is outlined in a written will, the written will is what will hold validity in the eyes of the law. Our Oakland probate litigation attorneys can offer experienced legal representation to those dealing with defective wills. Schedule a consultation today with the Triay Law Office to learn more about your rights.

Video Transcription

The question is: “What about a videotaped will?” California doesn’t recognize a videotaped will, but the way that usually arises is that in connection with a written will, there will be a video done, but if it’s just a video where someone is saying, “When I die I want to leave my house to my son, Bob,” then I don’t believe that is a valid will.

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