Does the Spouse of the Deceased Have Rights?

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In the video below, Oakland probate litigation lawyer Charles Triay discusses his work in probate litigation involving individuals dealing with marital right issues concerning the estates of deceased spouses. He explains that since California is a community property state, the law may allow for you to receive property rights to your deceased spouse’s estate. If your spouse has died and you have questions regarding your spousal rightsspeak with us today.

Video Transcription

Hi. I’m Charles Triay. Many cases we handle involve the rights of the spouse of the deceased. The main area that comes into play is whether a particular asset is community property or separate property or partially community property or partially separate property. California is one of the few community property states in the western U.S., and so we have a unique set of laws that gives spouses community property rights. I’m Charles Triay. If you’re involved in a probate litigation case and need representation, please call me, (510) 463-3165. You can find out more information about our law firm and the kind of cases we handle at our website, which is

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