Factors in Determining the Cases We Take

Our Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer Explains the Process

Our Oakland probate litigation attorneys do not take every case that walks through our door. In this video, Charles Triay explains how he decides whether or not to take a case involving contested accounting, defective trusts and wills and other probate litigation issues. Contact our firm to learn more.

Video Transcription

There are many factors involved in whether we’re going to take a probate-litigation case. This is a very technical area of the law with a lot of time limits and technical requirements, so we have to look at a lot of things. Mainly, we have to look at the documents that are in question and the relationships between the people. Obviously, the story of what happened and why is very important. One of the other factors that I look at is whether I like the client and whether I can sympathize with them and feel good about representing them. I do that for two reasons. One is personal, but the other is there is always an element in these cases of how does the client present to the judge or the mediator. In other words, are they going to be sympathetic to other people, not just to me?

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