Mediate Your Probate Dispute

Oakland Probate Litigation Attorneys Offering Mediation Services

Some probate cases might be best handled in mediation rather than through prolonged litigation. Oakland probate litigation lawyer Charles Triay is also a certified mediator for will and trust disputes. Contact our office to learn more about our mediation and litigation services.

Video Transcription

Yes, I am a mediator. That’s a good question though. Many of the litigation cases are settled in mediation rather than the attorneys negotiating over the phone. I have been trained as a mediator and I do serve as a mediator. I enjoy that work, it’s different than being a trial lawyer. You have to take off your trial lawyer hat and be a neutral and try to help both sides resolve the case.

If you need an attorney to help you with an inheritance battle, call the Triay Law office at (510) 463-3165. You can also learn more about me on my website, that’s

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