What is a Contingency Fee?

Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer Explains Types of Attorney Fees

At Triay Law Office, our Oakland probate litigation attorneys are able to take certain inheritance dispute cases on a contingency fee basis. In some cases, the office may have the resources to advance costs of litigation, as decided on a case-by-case basis. Contact our office for more information about attorney fees for probate cases.

Video Transcription

The contingency fee is where I take the case on a percentage basis, where the client doesn’t have to pay me as we go along and I get a percentage of what is recovered at the end. Generally on a contingency fee case the client will have to pay the out of pocket expenses for court filing fees, the deposition fees and the subpoena fees.

Occasionally, I will reach an agreement with the client where I advance those as well so the client doesn’t have to pay anything at all on an ongoing basis. If I do that then I have to raise the percentage that I charge on the percentage fee. I think is pretty standard for attorneys in this field. However, as I said there are many firms that won’t take cases on contingency because they just can’t do it economically.

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