Winning and Losing Probate Cases

Oakland Probate Litigation Lawyer Charles Triay on the Aftermath of a Resolved Dispute

While his office manages to settle most cases before entering the courtroom, Oakland probate litigation attorney Charles Triay does occasionally have cases that go to trial. While litigation might settle the financial details of a defective will and trust, undue influence or creditor claim, it may not erase the bitterness that lingers after a stressful family battle.

Video Transcription

A lot of cases do go to trial. I’ve tried many cases and won a lot of them and lost a few of them, so, yes, there are winners and there are losers, but more often than not, there’s a compromise. Sometimes those compromises result in family harmony being restored. Sometimes not. Sometimes the conflicts are too deep and too painful and especially after litigation, so the people settle the money dispute, but the family harmony is irretrievably broken.

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