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When an evil stepsister tried to steal my father's estate last year, Triay Law Office in Oakland, CA, and Paul Epstein in particular, stepped in with impressive expertise to recover my Dad's property. I live over 600 miles from the East Bay Area; Triay Law kept me up to date with timely communications at every step as they moved with speed and precision to pursue recovery.


Triay's investigative team ferreted out facts and activities that even opposing council was not able to discover about their client's antics, and Mr. Epstein ethically but skillfully demolished the opposing council's actions on every level. I could not be more happy with their brilliance, execution, tenacity, and the outcome. Rest assured that Triay Law Office has high integrity and is dedicated to fair play for all sides, but they have definitely proven that they are a superior law firm. I highly recommend them.



We greatly appreciate our clients. Take a look at our reviews.


Charles Triay was different from our very first contact. He was forthright, patient, a good listener and gave generously of his time to help us determine appropriate action.


He gave us a thoughtful consultation that was far more informing and useful to us than any of the others. And, both my wife and I had the same feeling: he's at least partially cause-directed and not entirely coin-operated. And, even after it was identified that there are several potential conflicts, including Triay's prior, casual friendship with one of the wrongdoers, Charles continued helping us determine our best course.We cannot vouch for or review Charles Triay's legal or litigation skills but can say that our instincts are that he's a better guy than most in his position and is someone we'd strongly recommend be interviewed for potential trust and probate legal support.



Very nice man with very good advice over the phone to me. Very Valuable in our time of crisis. Very smart and cuts to the chase. I value his expertise and he KNOWS how to make the best of time to find out things.


He, however, didn't take the case because it's another county but he was sure helpful to find a good referral for us in the location needed.Thank you Tremendously! He sounds very caring and knowledgeable and creditable. And called me back right away.


4 Orinda Way Suite 200-Dorinda, CA 94563


4 Orinda Way Suite 200-D

Orinda, CA 94563

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